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Accepted/Unaccepted Items

We realize that this is not an all inclusive list, there are lots of products and items out there specifically for kids, so if you have any questions about what is or isn't accepted, just ask!

Other than the few items in our "unaccepted" list, we take about any product that is geared towards kids, as long as it is in gently-used or like-new condition.  No stains, rips, holes, missing items, etc.  Everything must be clean and must smell great.  Everything must be in working order!  Following these rules benefits the consignors as well as the shoppers.  We want everyone to have a positive experience at every sale so if we are consistent about what we accept, shoppers will come back sale after sale and that benefits everyone!

Accepted Items


Sizes preemie through children’s size 16/18 (XXL Youth) AND maternity.  All brands accepted.

  • Wash every piece of clothing.  Iron if necessary! An article of clothing sells better if it looks and smells great!  A little fabreeze goes a long way!

  • Clothing must be free of rips, holes, stains, etc.  All zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. must work.  Try to look at each item in natural light which will show stains easier.

  • Clothing must be in great shape.  If clothing is worn, pilled, stretched or out of style, it won’t sell.  Although we do not limit our clothing to being purchased in the last 5 years or of any specific brands, we do reserve the right to pull any items off that do not meet these standards.  This helps those items that meet these standards to sell better and for a higher price!



Sizes newborn through youth size 6.  

  • All shoes must be in like new condition; free of scuffs, dirt, etc.  

  • Shoes do not sell well unless they are in great shape. Please understand we will not accept shoes if they do not meet these standards.

  • Many shoes can be washed in a laundry bag in your washing machine. This is a great way to get them clean. A magic eraser also works well to get some scuffs off.



  • Books sell really well if they are in great shape!  We accept all children’s books as long as they do not have any missing pages (or flaps for those board books with lift up flaps), no chewed on corners, no writing in them, no rips, do not smell musty, etc.   

  • We also accept books for parents having to do with pregnancy or parenting.  Pregnancy and parenting books must be published in the last 5 years.


Baby Gear

High chairs, bouncy seats, pack n’ plays, exersaucers, strollers, activity centers, play mats, bassinets, etc.  

**We do NOT accept cribs, mattresses, car seats or rock n' plays (see below for a complete list of unaccepted items)

  • For items like strollers and swings with fabric, wash everything you can, so it looks and smells great.  Vacuum everything to get rid of crumbs and dirt.

  • If the item needs batteries, you must include batteries with it.  The shopper must be able to see that the item works at the sale. We will not accept items that do not have working batteries.



Changing tables, gliders, toddler beds (no mattresses), kids tables/chair sets, rocking chairs (adult and kid size), fold out kid couches, step stools, bean bags chairs, etc.


Large Play

Kitchen sets, wagons, work/tool benches, play houses, slides, bikes, sand boxes, water tables, ride on toys, toy boxes, picnic tables, doll houses, mini trampolines, cozy coupes, balance bikes, scooters, etc.  

  • Clean it first!  If you can power wash it, take it outside, hose it down and give it a good scrub.  



We accept all types of toys, from infant and toddler all the way to older kid toys like lego and American Girl.  We will only accept stuffed animals if they are character specific (i.e. Paw Patrol or Disney) or if they “do something” (i.e. play music, move, etc).  We will accept Build-A-Bear if they are from the last 5 years.

  • All toys must be clean and in good working order.

  • If the item needs batteries, you must include batteries with it.  The shopper must be able to see that the item works at the sale.  We will not accept items that do not have working batteries.

  • If the toy is missing a piece that is not imperative to its operation, it may still be sold, but please make note of it on the tag and price accordingly.  For example, if I’m selling a box of duplo blocks and don’t have all the original pieces from the box, make note on the tag so the shopper isn’t expecting the specific pieces shown on the box.



  • We accept children's’ games and puzzles, from toddler through teens.  Puzzles can be up to 500 pieces.

  • Games and puzzles must include all pieces and the instruction booklet (most can be printed out online) and you must state that it is complete on the tag so the shopper knows you took inventory prior to selling it.  **You will be amazed how many companies will replace your missing piece if you give them a call or check out their website. Oftentimes for free!

  • If a game is missing a piece that is not imperative to its operation, it may still be sold, but you must make note of it on the tag and price accordingly.  For example, our Monopoly Jr game is missing a few of the pretend money. The game can still be played, but you must make note of it so the shopper is aware.

  • If a puzzle is missing a piece, it may not be sold.


DVDs/Video Games

  • We accept children’s G and PG and PG-13 rated DVD’s as well as video games that are rated for teen and younger.


School & Travel

Backpacks, bookbags, purses, suitcases, etc.


Baby Monitors


Bath & Swim

Infant bath tubs and seats, floatation devices, goggles, kid themed shower curtains/accessories, etc.


Infant Carriers

Hiking backpacks, snuggle wraps, bjorns, moby wraps, etc.  


Sporting Goods

Bats, golf clubs, baseball gloves, skateboards, ice skates, hockey sticks, nerf guns, sleeping bags, snow fort molds, shin guards, balls, cleats, jump ropes, hoola hoops, etc.


Electronic Toys

Leap frog, ds, gaming systems (including Wii, Xbox, Playstation, Switch), games, etc.  If cartridges are small, tape to a larger piece of cardboard and sell inside a ziplock bag.


Maternity Aids

Boppy Pillows, nursing shirts/bras, etc. **Breast Pumps are NOT accepted.



Sheets for cribs, bassinets, pack/n’ plays, toddler beds, twin and full are accepted (clearly state the size on the label discription), blankets, sleeping bags, quilts, etc.



Bottles, plates, bowls, snack cups, sippy cups, bibs, bandanas, etc.



Kid themed room/bathroom decor only, frames, picture/wall hangings, lamps, etc.



Hair bows, headbands, ties, belts, hats, purses, jewelry, socks, etc.

Items NOT Accepted

  1. Any item that has been recalled.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure no items are recalled.  Check your items at or

  2. Any item that is worn out, out of date/style, has holes, stains, missing batteries, missing pieces, smells musty/funny, etc.

  3. Any item that has not been cleaned or appears damaged or incomplete

  4. Car Seats and infant car seat carriers

  5. Cribs

  6. Rock n' Plays

  7. Mattresses

  8. Breast Pumps

  9. Used bottle nipples or used pacifiers

  10. Partially used health care items (i.e. lotions, nail polish, shampoo, etc)

  11. Stuffed animals that are not “character” or don’t “do” something.  This includes beanie babies and webkins.

  12. Underwear unless new in packaging

  13. VHS movies/R rated movies

  14. Any food items

  15. Any items that are not baby/kid related

  16. No clothing larger than 14/16. Even if an XS in mens fits like a 14/16 it cannot be sold at the sale. 

  17. More than 5 new with tag items.  Items that are duplicate gifts or items that were never worn are fine.  We include this rule to avoid those consignors who buy out the clearance rack at a local retailer and want to resell for a profit.  Our sale just isn’t the right venue for this business venture. If you have shopped other sales, you know why we are putting this rule into place. These items clog up our racks and cause frustration to shoppers who have to sort through multiples.  Our goal is to sell parent to parent and pay fair prices for quality, used items. If you have any questions, just ask!

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