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Seasonal Sales

At St. Croix Kids Consignment LLC, each of our sales is Seasonal. While most items can be sold at any sale (as long as they meet our quality standards), the focus is on selling items for the upcoming season (the 6 months following the sale). 


SPRING SALES-  the following CANNOT be sold at our spring sale:

  • No Winter gear: winter jackets/snow pants/winter hats/gloves
  • Clothing: clothing in heavy fabrics will not be allowed (i.e. corduroy, fleece, thermal, lined pants, etc). 

    • As long as it is light weight fabric, any style/length will be allowed.

    • For example: footie sleepers in fleece are not allowed, however footie sleepers in light cotton are allowed

  • No clothing or other items specific to a holiday (including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc), i.e. “Baby’s First Halloween”, t-shirt w/ Santa on it, etc.

  • Lightweight jackets, sweatshirts and zip up sweatshirts (including fleece) will be allowed.


FALL SALES- the following CANNOT be sold at our fall sale:

  • Clothing: no shorts, tank tops, short sleeve/tank dresses, skirts (unless they are holiday specific items)
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