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Increase your Sell-Through Rate

A sell-through rate is calculated as a percentage, comparing all of the items you brought to the sale to what you sold. The higher the sell-through rate you have, the more money you make. For example, if you brought 100 items to the sale and sold 75 of them, your sell-through rate is 75%.

There are a number of ways to increase your sell-through rate...

  • Read the Consignor Guide found HERE. The consignor guide explains everything you will need to know to be a successful consignor and will ensure you understand the process.

  • Bring only high-quality gently-used items. We have high standards for the items sold at our sales, we do not accept items with stains, holes, smells, missing pieces, etc.

  • Price to sell. Some consignors tend to think that increasing the price of each item will make them more money. The opposite is true. Pricing your items to sell means that you will sell a higher % of your items and will have fewer items to pick-up after the sale and less to store at home until the next sale. It means you get more $ for the work you put in.

  • Tag correctly. Placing the tags in the correct spot for each item ensures it is easily seen by the shoppers. Shoppers do not want to go digging to find the price. Make it easy!

  • Join our Consignor-Only Facebook Group. This is such a fantastic group of SCKC consignors! It's a great place to ask any and all things tagging. Not sure how to tag a tricky item? Want to know where to get cheap supplies? We upload pics and videos to answer questions and make the tagging process as easy as possible. 

  • Tag your items for the Discount Day. At each sale, we will have a 50% off discount day on the last day of the sale. This is optional, you can decide to include each of your items in the discount day or not. Our Discount Day is a great way to bring shoppers back to our sale for a second time. It gives your items another chance to sell and increases your sell-through rate.

  • Revisit pricing. If you have an item that has been to 2 sales and still hasn't sold, it's time to revisit the price. We have hundreds of shoppers at each of our sales; if it doesn't sell, there's a reason. Re-check it for quality and adjust the price.  

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