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How To Create/Attach Your Tags

Placing each tag on your items properly is really important.  Not only does it help your items sell faster, but it helps eliminate lost tags! Read our Consignor Guide for more information!


  1. Log into our online Tagging Site by clicking here

  2. Enter Information for your Items

    • Click on “Add Items” on the left side of the page.  This brings you to the page to enter the information for each item.

    • Fill out information for up to 10 items at a time.

    • Mark your Item as 'Donate' if you would like us to donate it at the end of the sale.

    • Mark your Item as 'Discount' if you would like it to be included in the 50% off sale.

    • If you have many items in one category (i.e. books), you can auto-populate the category column (as well as the price column if they will all be the same price). This works well for clothing too, just auto-populate by gender and size to save time.

    • If you have multiples of the same item, just change the quantity and it will print out separate tags for each item.  DO NOT make copies of a tag on a copier! It’s important that each item has a unique barcode.

  3. Print Out Tags

    • Use 65lb white cardstock (NOT regular printer paper)

    • No colored paper- it must be white

    • 8 tags print per page

  4. Use our Consignor Guide to learn how to properly attach the tags to each item.  Attaching the tags properly ensures each of your items get found, get sold and prevents your tags from becoming separated from your items.  Each item may get handled several times before being sold, we want to keep tags and items together! 

  5. It is important that everyone tag the same way so shopping is easier and tags don't become lost.

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