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Drop Off/Pick Up Information


  1. Drop off happens the night before the sale begins (or the morning of the 1st day of the sale for our outside sales). Check out our sale schedule for exact times.  

  2. Bring your items to our sales floor during your designated time.  We may inspect items when you arrive.

    • All items must meet our standards (no stains, rips, funny smells, broken zippers, missing pieces, etc). Items must be clean and in working order (including batteries if needed).

    • Detailed instructions on what we accept and how items need to be tagged can be found in our Consignor Guide

  3. After inspection, you will place your items on the sales floor. The more organized you are when you bring your items in, the faster drop off will be for you.  

    • For example: bring all of your books in one tote so you can just bring that tote to the book area. Have all of your toys in a separate bin. Have all your games and puzzles in a bin. Separate your clothing by size/gender (just use a rubber band to keep all of one size together) so when you get to the sales floor, just hang the bunch up together. It’ll save you tons of time. 

  4. All large items will need to be assembled so the shoppers can see the item put together.  Whether it’s a slide, swing or a pack n’ play, you will need to set it up on the sales floor during drop off.

  5. That’s it!  No need to be at the sale unless you sign up for a volunteer shift.  Once the sale starts, you’ll be able to see your sales in real time! It’s super addicting!  Just log on to the on-line tagging system and as an item sells, it’ll show up as a sold item in your account.  Watch your earnings grow as the sale goes on!


  1. Picking up your unsold items is optional.

    • If you marked all of your items to be donated, there is no need to do anything.  Once the sale is over, any items left over will be donated to a local charity.

    • If you decide later that you don’t want any items back that didn’t sell, no need to come back, we’ll donate them on your behalf if they are still there after pick up time closes.

    • If you didn’t mark all of your items to be donated and you plan to come pick up your unsold items,  just come pick up your items during the designated time.  Pick up is typically the evening of the last sale day.  Check out our sale schedule for exact times.  

  2. Consignors are responsible for walking the sales floor and finding their own unsold items.

  3. Bring bins or bags to carry your unsold items back to your car.

  4. Items MUST be picked up during the designated time.  NO Exceptions! We have to have the room cleared that night so any items left over after pick up time will be donated to a local charity.  

    • If you cannot make it at this time, please send someone to pick up your items for you 

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