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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

St Croix Kids Consignment is your preferred local Consignment Sale for buying and selling gently used, high quality kids items. We appreciate our consignors and shoppers and want to give you the best service that we can provide. Here are some frequently asked questions that we are commonly asked. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us!

What is a kids consignment sale?

Twice a year, St. Croix Kids Consignment hosts a 3-day consignment sale in Hudson, WI where you can shop thousands of gently used kids items at a fraction of retail prices (50-90% off)! The items being sold at each sale come from local families who sign up to consign. These consignors price and tag their own items using our on-line Tagging Software, then drop off their items the day before the sale starts and earn money for each item that sells. Everyone is welcome to become a consignor and everyone is welcome to shop at the sales!


This is NOT a garage sale. Items are clean, without stains and in working order. We are proud to bring you a way to buy and sell high quality, new and gently-used children’s items; anything kid related from maternity to infancy to pre-teen! All items are organized into a retail store type format so it’s easy to shop and find the sizes and products you’re looking for. Come with a list of what your kids will need over the next year and check all the boxes at our sale!

Why consign instead of having a garage sale or selling on Marketplace, Craigslist, etc?

Safety First: You don’t have to meet with strangers or have strangers come to your house.

Save Time: Who has time to sell one thing at a time? Having a place to drop off all your items at once is a game-changer! You don't even have to be there, you don't have to negotiate with buyers, plus you don’t have to deal with time it takes to answer questions, coordinate when and where to meet and of course there are always no-shows.

Less Hassle: no haggling, no set up, no tear down, no sitting in your garage for days on end, no meeting in a Target parking lot to sell a $3 toy.

Make more money: With a sale this big, we attract hundreds of shoppers to shop all of your items in one place. Sell more, make more money, all without even being there!

Shop Early: The biggest benefit is that our consignors get to shop the sale early, before the general public, giving you access to thousands of awesome deals!

How does selling at a kids consignment sale work?

Selling your gently used baby/kids items with St. Croix Kids Consignment is a great way to make $ for your family. Plus it’s easy! Gather all the like new items your kids have outgrown or no longer use (baby to preteen and maternity as well)! Once you register as a consignor (click here for more information), you’ll have your own online account where you’ll enter info and price for each item you would like to sell, print off the tags, attach them to your items, drop off your items to us the day before the sale starts, then sit back, relax, we do the rest for you! Read our Consignor Guide for more information on standards, polices, tagging, etc.  Any unsold items after the sale ends can be picked up or donated (we will donate them to a local charity on your behalf).

How much can I earn?

Self-Service Consignors:

  1. You earn 70% of the selling price of your items

  2. There is a $10 Consignor fee for each sale you participate in

  3. A fee of $.50 per item will be deducted for each item (beyond 3 items) that are pulled from the sales floor for quality reasons


Full-Service Consignors:

  1. You earn 40% of the selling price of your items

  2. There is a $10 Consignor fee for each sale you participate in

  3. There is a $10 Supplies fee for each sale you participate in

  4. A fee of $.25 per item will be charged for each item that is rejected for quality (beyond 3 items)


Additional Earnings/Fees for ALL Consignors:

  1. An additional 5% of sales can be earned by volunteering for one 4 hr shift

  2. An additional 5% of sales can be earned through our referral program. The details of this program can be found here

  3. A fee of $1 per battery will be deducted for any batteries we need to put in your items

  4. If an item is returned to us because of quality reasons, the cost of the item + $5 will be deducted from your check

What Happens if I can't make my volunteer shift?

We understand that life happens; people get sick, cars break down, kids forget to mention the science project due tomorrow. We suggest sending someone in your place. It could be your friend, sister, mother, husband-we don't mind who! If you cancel your shift prior to the start of the sale then no worries, just let us know. If you cancel/do not show for your shift after the sale has started, a $25 fee will be deducted from your check.  Unfortunately, it's just too late for us to find a replacement. 

When do I get paid?

Consignor earnings are sent to you within 1 week of the sale closing via direct deposit.

What is a High-Volume Consignor?


Our High-Volume Consignors are those who bring more than 300 items to any sale.


  • There are specific drop off times that will apply to you to make it easier to bring in your items without the crowds.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can sell?

  1. There is no limit to the total number of items each consignor can bring to each sale.

  2. There is a limit of 5 new-with-tag items per consignor/per sale. Items that are duplicate gifts or items that were never worn are fine. We include this rule to avoid those consignors who buy out the clearance rack at a local retailer and want to resell for a profit. Our sale just isn’t the right venue for this business venture. If you have shopped other sales, you know why we are putting this rule into place. These items clog up our racks and cause frustration to shoppers who have to sort through multiples. Our goal is to sell parent to parent and pay fair prices for quality, used items. If you have any questions, just ask!

What can I sell?

Moving forward, our sales will be Seasonal. A specific guide to everything we sell can be found here: Accepted/Unaccepted Items.  But here is a quick list for easy reference:

  • Clothing (sizes preemie through 14/16 and maternity)

  • Shoes (Newborn-Big Kid size 6

  • Toys, Games and Puzzles

  • Indoor and Outdoor play equipment and ride-ons (wagons, kitchen sets, picnic tables, slides, etc)

  • Baby Gear (high chairs, strollers, pack n’ plays, bouncy chairs, etc)

  • Infant Items (monitors, bathtubs, carriers, boppy pillows, bottles, decor, etc)

  • Furniture (rocking chairs, gliders, change tables, etc)

  • Books, DVD’s, Music, Video Games (all must be for kids)

  • Seasonal Items (Winter Gear, Halloween costumes, Easter outfits, Christmas outfits, etc)

  • Sporting Goods (gloves, cleats, shin guards, skateboards, ice skates, sleds, jump ropes, etc)

  • Accessories

  • Room Decor

What items are NOT accepted?

  • We have certain standards for anything sold at our sales. Any item that is worn out, out of date/style, has holes, stains, rips, stuck zipper, missing batteries, missing pieces, smells musty or of smoke, is dirty, appears incomplete or damaged, etc. is NOT allowed.

  • Any item that has been recalled, use or to check your items

  • Car Seats or Infant car seat carriers

  • Cribs

  • Mattresses

  • Rock n' Plays

  • Breast Pumps

  • Used bottle nipples or pacifiers

  • Partially used health care items (i.e. lotions, nail polish, shampoo, etc.)

  • Stuffed animals that are not character or don’t “do” something, including beanie babies and webkins

  • Underwear unless new in packaging

  • VHS movies/R rated movies/Video games rated above teen

  • Any item that is not baby/child related

  • More than 5 new with tag items.  Duplicate gifts or items that baby grew out of before wearing are fine, but we include this rule to avoid those consignors who buy out the clearance rack at a local retailer and want to resell for a profit.  Our sale just isn’t the right venue for this business venture. If you have shopped other consignment sales, you know why we are putting this rule into place. Our goal is to sell parent to parent and pay fair prices for high quality, used items  If you have any questions, just ask!

What are the top 5 selling items?

  • Large, outside play: sand boxes, wagons, picnic tables, ride ons, play houses, climbing gyms, balance bikes, water tables, etc.

  • Large, inside play: kitchens, work benches, slides, doll houses, mini trampolines, etc.

  • Baby Gear: high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, exersaucers, pack n’ plays, etc.

  • Toys: brands like little tikes, little people, lego, American Girl, pokemon, etc.

  • Books: those books in like-new condition, for kids of all ages

How do I price my items?

Each consignor chooses how they want to price their items. You can check out our pricing guide for more information, but basically we recommend pricing most of your items at 20-33% of retail if you want them to sell well.  Some more popular brands and larger items may sell for more. Factors to consider are: the type of item, brand, condition, how new it is, etc.  

Remember, the goal is to sell the items so you don’t have to bring them home again. A high sell-through rate is key to a successful sale for each consignor!

We do have a $3.00 minimum for clothing (grouping items together is just fine) and we use $.50 increments from there.  There is a $1.00 minimum for all other items.  An important factor in pricing is simply asking yourself what you would pay for that item at the sale. The bottom line is you choose the prices for each item based on what is comfortable for you.

How do I place the tags on each of my items?

We have detailed instructions that can be found in our Consignor Guide.  You will need to read through this before you begin tagging items. Tagging each item properly is very important. If your items are prepared and tagged properly, they are much easier to shop and you'll have a higher sell-through rate. It also eliminates lost tags and rejected items ensuring you don't pay excess fees and make the most money.

Once I’ve tagged an item, can I make changes?

Yes absolutely!  You can make changes up to the time you drop off the items. However, once you make changes, you must print out another tag. You cannot write on the tag.

How does the Discount Day work for consignors?

We have a 50% off Discount Day that is held during the last day of the sale. All items marked "Discount: Yes" will be 50% off.  The Discount Day will bring back shoppers a 2nd time and give all items another chance to sell.

  • When you enter each item in the Tagging System, you will have the option to mark each item as discount or not.

  • If you plan to donate your unsold items at the end of the sale, every one of your items should also be marked to be discounted, giving them another chance to sell prior to being donated.

  • While it is not mandatory to mark any of your items for the discount day, we think it is important to have at least 50-75% of your items marked for discount.  This will increase your sell-through rate and reduce the number of items you have to come pick up and bring back into your house.

Do Consignors get to shop the Discount Day early?

Yes! Another perk of consigning with us is you not only get to shop our pre-sale before the public, but you also get to be the first to shop our Discount Day.

In order to qualify for these pre-sale and pre-discount day perks, consignors must consign a minimum of $100 worth of items in the sale.

I’ve finished tagging and just want to make a couple changes, can I just write on the tag?

No, sorry!  We do not accept any handwriting on the tags for any reason.  It’s okay to make changes, just reprint the tag.

When can I drop off my items at the sale? How does drop off work?

Drop off is the day before the sale is scheduled to start, usually on a Wed.  Once you register to become a consignor and have access to our online tagging system, you'll see a “Drop Off” link on the left hand side of the page where you will go to make an appointment to drop off your items.

When you come to drop off with all of your tagged items, you'll bring them to our sales floor and put your items out by category. 

Having your items organized prior to drop off will save you tons of time (i.e. all your books in one bin, your toys in another, games and puzzles in another, your clothing sorted by size/gender, etc) so when you get to the sale, all you need to do is bring the bin to that area and unload. 


The easiest way to do this is sort while you tag your items.  Have a few bins in the room that you are tagging in so as you attach tags, just put them into the bin with like items.  A hanging bar is a great way to keep your clothing items sorted as you tag as well. Once you’re done tagging clothes, use rubber bands to keep each size/gender together and when you get to the sale, just hang in the appropriate space and be done!

How do I know how the sale is going?  Which of my items are selling?

One of the best parts of participating in our sale is the fact that we use an on-line software to check out our shoppers, which means that you have real time access to your sales as the sale is going on. It gets to be very addicting! Simply log into our tagging system and as each of your items sell, your sales reports will update. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day or end of the sale like some other sales!

What happens to my unsold items at the end of the sale?

Consignors can come and pick up any of their items that do not sell. If you do not want the items back, St. Croix Kids Consignment will donate all (or some) of your unsold items to a local charity on your behalf. When you enter in the information to create tags for each item, one of the boxes is whether or not you’d like to donate your item. You have the ability to donate some items and pick up some items as well.  


We choose a local charity to pick up all donated items at the end of each sale. We currently donate items to Second Chances in River Falls, WI.

What type of hangers should I use?  Do I get my hangers back at the end of the sale?

You can use any child size hanger (wire or plastic) for children’s sizes preemie through size 6.  Maternity and children’s clothing size 7 through 16 should be on an adult size hanger.  Use your discretion, give the item a shake, you just don't want your clothing falling off of the hanger.


While you won’t get YOUR hangers back after the sale, we do collect as many as we can at check out. These collected hangers are available to our consignors at pick-up to use at future sales. 

How do I check for recalls?

Remember, it is your responsibility as a consignor to make sure nothing you are selling has been recalled.  There are several resources available to you. One is and another is

What happens when a tag goes missing?

When we find a tag on the sales floor not attached to an item, we do our best to find the item right away.  If we cannot locate the item, we’ll keep the tag at our desk and when the item finds it’s way to the register, we’ll connect the two.  

However, if the tag isn’t descriptive enough and we’re not confident which tag belongs on the item, we won’t be able to sell the item and it will be held until pick up and we will hopefully find the consignor that brought the item.  It is extremely important to both use descriptive words when creating your tags and attach your tags properly for just this reason.

What happens when an item is pulled from the sales floor because it has a stain?

We have high standards at SCKC. We want shoppers to be confident in knowing that our items are gently-used and free from stains, holes, rips, etc. We understand how frustrating it is for a shopper getting your items home and finding a stain or a missing piece. We are continually educating our consignors in the importance of our standards. When an item is pulled from the sales floor because it has a stain, rip, broken zipper, etc, it is put in an “Ooops!” box. Consignors are allowed 3 grace items (sometimes no matter how hard you look, you may miss a stain). If we need to pull more than 3 items for quality issues, consignors will be charged a $0.50 fee per item that will be deducted from their check. These pulled items will also be taken out of the system to prevent them from being brought back to future sales. Consignors will receive these items back when they come to pick up. This is a collaborative effort for all involved to make each sale as great as possible!

How do I Print out my Tags?

Printing out Tags:


  1. Tags must be printed on WHITE 65lb cardstock (NOT regular paper). 

    • We found the least expensive to be the Neenah brand on Amazon (roughly 75 sheets for $5 or 250 sheets for $13), but any brand of white cardstock is fine.

    • Regular paper is too thin and rips off too easily. It gets crumpled and is hard to shop. 

    • Cardstock MUST be white. Other colors confuse the shoppers and will not be allowed.

  2. Do NOT write on any of your tags for any reason.  

    • If you need to make changes, print out a new tag. We cannot sell any item with a tag that has been written on.

  3. Attach tags securely and use great descriptions.  

    • If a tag is lost, the item can’t be sold. The description is the best way to match the tag up with the item if they become separated.  

What are "Seasonal" Sales? What items can I bring to the Spring Sales? What about the Fall Sales?

St. Croix Kids Consignment, LLC will now be hosting Seasonal Sales moving forward. While most items can be sold at any sale (as long as they meet our quality standards), the focus is on selling items for the upcoming season (the 6 months following the sale). 


SPRING SALES-  the following CANNOT be sold at our spring sale:

  1. No Winter gear: winter jackets/snow pants/winter hats/gloves, any winter boots, sleds, ice skates, hockey equipment, etc.

  2. Clothing: clothing in heavy fabrics will not be allowed (i.e. corduroy, fleece, thermal, lined pants, etc). 

    • As long as it is light weight fabric, any style/length will be allowed.

    • For example: footie sleepers in fleece are not allowed, however footie sleepers in light cotton are allowed

  3. No clothing or other items specific to a holiday (including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc), i.e. “Baby’s First Halloween”, t-shirt w/ Santa on it, etc.

  4. Lightweight jackets and zip up sweatshirts (including fleece) WILL be allowed.


FALL SALES- the following CANNOT be sold at our fall sale:

  1. No Summer Gear: life jackets, pool floaties, water tables, sand boxes, sandals, water shoes, flip flops
  2. Clothing: no shorts, tank tops, short sleeve/tank dresses, skirts (unless they are holiday specific items)
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