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Pricing Policies & Item Limits

  1. We have a $3 minimum for each hanger of clothing. You can sell multiple items on one hanger to reach this minimum.

  2. Each consignor sets their own pricing for their items. We have a pricing guide on our website to help give a starting point, but ultimately the decision is yours. Remember, the goal is to sell the items so you don’t have to bring them home again. A high sell-through rate is key to a successful sale for each consignor!

    • The minimum price for any item (other than clothing) is $1.00. Prices will need to be in increments of $.50.

  3. We have a 50% off day (Discount Day). This is the last day of the sale. This is optional for each item you sell. When you enter each item in the Tagging System, you will have the option to mark each item as discount or not.

  4. When making your tags, you will also have the option to mark each item as Donate or not (if you choose not to donate, you will come pick up your unsold items after the last day of the sale).

    • If you are going to Donate your unsold items, mark them for the Discount day as well so they have an extra chance to sell before being donated

  5. There are NO item limits

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