Pricing Policies & Item Limits

  1. We have a $3 minimum for each hanger of clothing. You can sell multiple items on one hanger to reach this minimum.

  2. Each consignor sets their own pricing for their items. We have a pricing guide on our website to help give a starting point, but ultimately the decision is yours. Remember, the goal is to sell the items so you don’t have to bring them home again. A high sell-through rate is key to a successful sale for each consignor!

    • The minimum price for any item (other than clothing) is $1.00. Prices will need to be in increments of $.50.

  3. We will have a 50% off day starting with our Spring 2020 sale. This is optional for each item you sell. When you enter each item in the Tagging System, you will have the option to mark each item as discount or not.

  4. When making your tags, you will also have the option to mark each item as Donate or not (if you choose not to donate, you will come pick up your unsold items after the last day of the sale).

    • If you are going to Donate your unsold items, mark them for the Discount day as well so they have an extra chance to sell before being donated

  5. We are going to limit the # of items that each consignor can bring in the Newborn, 0-3 month and 3-6 month sizes to 15 hangers per size/per gender. So bring your best and price to sell. While we understand that this may impact some of our consignors that have a lot of clothing in these sizes, at the end of the day, by bringing your best and making our racks easier to shop, it's a WIN-WIN for everyone. * These sizes are the ones new parents get at their baby showers so we have a lot and because they get them at showers, not many parents are shopping for these sizes.   

  6. If you tag and bring more than 300 items to the sale, you are now one of our 'High-Volume Consignors'! 

    • There are specific drop off times that will apply to you. Ensuring that you are not dropping off during a rush will mean you can take you time which will make the whole process easier for you. 

    • You will be required to work the sort volunteer shift at the end of the sale.