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Our Standards

Our sales are for "gently-used" items only. We are not a garage sale or a donation bin. It is extremely important that our consignors are consistent with these standards. Having only gently-used, great quality items ensures that shoppers will come back sale after sale, they’ll spend more time looking through the room and spend more money overall! This means more sales for each of our consignors.


  • We DO NOT want any items at the sale that are stained (even 1 small stain is too much), have holes or are overly worn/pilled, are dirty, missing pieces, broken, etc. Please DO NOT bring them to the sale. 


We realize this means that you may not be able to sell every one of your items with us. But, by selling only those items that meet our standards, you will make more money in the long run. 


For items that don't meet these standards (starting with the Spring '20 sale):


  1. Each consignor will get 3 grace items if we have to pull any items from the floor (we understand it just happens sometimes that you didn't see a stain).

  2. Additional items that are pulled for a stain, hole, overly worn, missing pieces, dirty, etc, will be charged $0.50 each (deducted from your earnings).

  3. All items that require batteries, need to have batteries. If we need to add batteries, you will be charged $1/per battery (deducted from your earnings).

  4. If an item is returned because of a missing piece, doesn’t work, hole, stain, etc, your earnings will be deducted for the cost of the item.  

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