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Discount Day

At each sale, St. Croix Kids Consignment will offer a 50% off discount day starting on the last day of each sale. As a consignor, you have the option of whether or not to include each item in the discount day- you will select discount or not as you are creating tags through the online Tagging System.


There are many great benefits for consignors to mark their items as Discount:

  • More shoppers! Discount days are a great way to bring the shoppers back for a second time to get those deals. 

  • It offers your items another chance to sell! This is especially great if you are donating your items.

  • Increase your sell-through rate! Selling a higher percentage of your items is the ultimate goal; the whole point of consigning is to clear out the clutter in your house and make some money! 

  • Make more money! Selling more of your items means more money in your pocket. This is especially true for the first time you tag something. Selling an item at the first sale ensures you get the most out of the effort you put in. Having to pick it up after the sale, store it for 6 months and drop it off at the next sale drastically decreases the profit you make for your effort. 

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